M & M Business Solutions


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I wear a hat so you can find me in the crowd.

Master Mind Facilitator

Business Topics:

Leadership, Goal Setting,

Time Management, Marketing and Special Requests

Speaker & Trainer

Established in December 2009

Dare to Dream and then have the Courage to Reach your Goals.

Certified Life Coach

I love to laugh and have fun with my students and clients.

Marshie Morgan, Owner

"I've had the honor to work with Marshie Morgan on more than a few different business projects. Most recently, she was a featured speaker at one of my events and my audience loved her. If you're looking for a collaborative partner on a business project or you need a crowd pleasing speaker, I highly recommend Marshie. I look forward to working with her again and again."

Shelly Rice Award Winning Event Planner, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Connector